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Parkrose Middle School Principal, Molly Ouche, says, “The partnership with Outward Bound provided our students with opportunities to expand their skills around leadership, communication, and working collectively. The program that Outward Bound was able to provide our students had a direct, positive, and lifelong impact on our students.”

Reactions from 2012 Portland Center students

"Outward Bound saved me from drugs and alcohol freshman year." - Jason, Reynolds High School

"Outward Bound has completely changed the course of my life. I’ve been continuously given the tools to discover both my positive and negative qualities and ways I can overcome both mental and physical obstacles." –Bridget, Reynolds High School

"Outward Bound taught me teamwork skills, confidence, and the ability to step out of my comfort zone, help others when they did the same, and how to cooperate in tough situations." - Kristen, Parkrose Middle School

"This will affect our future because it gives us a better understanding of life. It shows us to be kind to one another, to be helpful to one another, to never let someone feel left out." - Remington, HB Lee Middle School

"That is what I think was the most important event of being with the people of Outward Bound because they take the time to teach you things that other people in your life don’t have the time to teach you."  –Keshawn, Walt Morey Middle School

Reactions from 2012 Pinnacle Scholars

"I was able to step out of my comfort zone and expand my physical and mental boundaries. If I had not been given this opportunity, I would not know how far I can push myself to accomplish my goals. I am proud to be the man I am today knowing I can push myself further and further to have a successful future." - Miguel

"No problem is unfixable and no challenge cannot be overcome if I have patience and focus on each step." – Bridget

"I will be able to use the communication skills I learned for years to come." –Brianna.

"This has been and probably will be the most impactful and life-changing experience of my life." - April