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San Juan Islands Sea Kayaking

Course Details

    Location: Washington
    Activities: Kayaking
    Tuition & Fees: $ 1800
    Financial Aid Available: Yes

Explore some of the 400 islands and inner coastal channels of the San Juan Islands in single and double kayaks. You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the fascinating natural and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest coast. The overall technical emphasis of this course is to learn paddle strokes, self and assisted kayak rescue techniques, marine navigation, and weather/sea state assessment. Instructors will teach you the teamwork and communication skills necessary to travel as a group of kayaks in a working waterway.


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Course Description

The San Juan Islands Sea Kayak expedition takes place in Washington State’s venerated San Juan Islands. Over the first few days of the expedition, you and your patrol will learn foundational kayaking skills which will then put into practice paddling in and around the 400 islands and outcrops which make up the San Juan’s. These waters are teeming with wildlife including seals, sea lions, eagles, and whales, including gray whales as well as three resident Orca pods. Your patrol will be challenged with navigating and paddling through the inland water ways, moving your camp from island to island through sometimes substantial navigation challenges, currents and waves.     

Course Area

San Juan Islands, Washington – Nestled between Vancouver Island and the North Cascades, the San Juan Islands are a unique coastal cruising ground with large expanses of pristine water and mountain scenery. During your journey, you will encounter coastlines with a combination of sandy and rocky beaches, shallow and deep harbors, serene and reef-studded bays. Knotty, twisted madrona trees grow along much of the shorelines while evergreen fir and pine forests cover large inland areas. Sightings of harbor seals, porpoises and eagles are common as well as the occasional glimpse of an Orca whale. The islands get less average rainfall than the surrounding area due to the rain-shadow effect of the Olympic Mountains. Summertime high temperatures are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit while lows could be in the 40’s.

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