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Northwest Outward Bound group programs support leadership and executive teams, schools, colleges, and other established organizations through the development of self-direction, leadership, and a stronger sense of community. Group Programs have also been shown to improve student and employee retention, team performance, and achievement levels.
Leave behind the everyday distractions and social expectations that impede the process of discovery and learning. Whether climbing a mountain, navigating whitewater rapids, or sailing a boat far down the coast, participants engage in activities with a real purpose and overcome challenges through problem-solving, leadership, effort, persistence, and teamwork. Away from the familiar, predictable home environment, individuals must stretch beyond their preconceived limits to accomplish goals as a team.
Ranging in length from a one day experience to multi-day wilderness expeditions throughout the Pacific Northwest, our programs can be customized to fit your group’s specific needs and desired outcomes. Please contact us to learn more.