Northwest Outward Bound School

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With almost 50 years of innovation in experiential and outdoor education in the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Outward Bound School continues to change lives through challenge and discovery. Whether a student discovers a leadership style, physical fortitude, a love of whitewater, options for the future, the majesty of the outdoors, or compassion for their teammates, these discoveries change his or herself, the community, and the world. No education is complete without Outward Bound.

Northwest Outward Bound School operates transformative wilderness educational courses in some of the most dramatically stunning parts of the United States. Our course areas traverse world-renowned rock climbing sites, the longest undammed river in the country, volcanic landscapes, world-class kayaking waters, and some of the only glaciers in the continental United States.


While kayaking, backpacking, rafting, canoeing, or climbing in the Cascade Mountains, the Puget Sound, northwest rivers, or Ross Lake, Northwest Outward Bound School students test their strengths, challenge their fears, and discover that they are capable of far more than they ever thought possible.

The mission of Northwest Outward Bound School is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

  • Northwest Expedition - Gap Year/Semester - Ages 18+

    This course offers the greatest depth of personal and group leadership, technical and interpersonal skills of any course we offer. You will learn to paddle, mountaineer, rock climb and whitewater raft in the wildest and most scenic course areas in Outward Bound.