Administrative Staff

Alexa Medina (she/her/ella)

Oregon Course Advisor
Monterey, California

Anne Morrison (she/her)

Senior Director, Programs & Safety
Redmond, OR

Cauri Hammer (she/her)

Course Advisor
Bend, OR

Charley Downing (she/her)

Director of Equity, Inclusion & Diversity
Portland, OR

Chris Bartram (he/him)

Washington Program Director
Mazama, WA

Esther Wenzel (she/her)

Student Services Manager
Portland, OR

Ian Moore (he/him)

Odin Falls Program Director
Redmond, OR

Jenny Huq (she/her)

Director of Business Operations
Portland, OR

Jonathan Beckhart (he/him)

Capital Campaign Officer
Eugene, OR

Kelley App (she/her)

Safety Manager
Hood River, OR

Kristin Kanan (she/her)

Business Operations Manager
Portland, OR

Marc Heisterkamp (he/him)

Executive Director
Portland, OR

Mariah Chapman (she/her)

Development Manager
Vancouver, WA

Morgan Oyster-Sands (she/her)

Director, Student Services & Partnerships
Portland, OR

Rachel Johnson (she/her)

Partnerships Manager
Portland, OR

Rob Healy (he/him)

Portland Program Director
Portland, OR

Sarah Mackay (she/her)

Donor Relations Officer
Seattle, WA

Sarah Stuart-Sikowitz (she/they)

Associate Program Director
Redmond, OR

Sierra Farrell (she/her)

Alumni Engagement Coordinator
Bellingham, WA

Sonja Renner (she/her)

Director of Marketing & Communications
Portland, OR

Spencer Gordon (he/him)

Odin Falls Logistics Manager
Bend, OR

Stephanie Schmitt (she/her)

Washington Logistics Manager
Mazama, WA

Stu Montgomery (he/him)

Washington Associate Program Director
Mazama. WA

Valerie Plummer, CFRE (she/her)

Development Director
Portland, OR

Will Winham (he/him)

Associate Director of HR & Recruiting
Corvallis, OR

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